A Pair of Liberty terracotta 'Brunhild' Pots

A Pair of Liberty terracotta 'Brunhild' Pots


A pair of early 20th century Liberty terracotta ‘Brunhild’ garden pots after designs by Archibald Knox.

Stamped: Designed and Manufactured by Liberty & Co. 

 Archibald Knox (1884-1933) born in the Isle of Man became one of Liberty & Co’s leading designers in the early part of the 20th century.  

In 1902 he was commissioned by Liberty and Co to design a series of terracotta garden ornaments.  Between 1903 -1904 Liberty registered 14 Knox designs and these, including the current pair of ‘Brunhild’ pots were illustrated in the Book of Garden Ornaments published by Liberty & Co in 1904. Prototypes from Knox’s drawings were modelled in Surry clay by James Radley Young at his Hammer Vale Pottery in Haslemere. The deep red clay used for the finished article was dug from the Corfe Mullen beds owned by Carter & Co and produced at their East Quay works in Poole, Dorset.

 The current pair of pots incised in shallow relief with a sinuous interlaced pattern reflects Knox’s love of British Celtic motifs and objects which inspired many of the shapes and patterns of his terracotta garden ornament.


 Archibald Knox edited by Stephen A. Martin, 2001


HEIGHT:   12ins.  (30cms.)

OVERALL WIDTH:  23ins. (61cms.) WIDTH OF APERTURE: 14ins (36cms) 




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