A Pair of 19thc Garnkirk Nuptial Vases

A Pair of 19thc Garnkirk Nuptial Vases


A Pair of 19th century Garnkirk Fireclay Nuptial Vases designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson (1817-1875) and modelled by John Mossman (1817-1890). Circa 1855. Restored.

Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson was a visionary Scottish architect whose reputation was founded on a combination of commercial success tempered with a need to instil the mystical and exotic into his commissions. He rejected the Gothic style that prevailed in Britain in the 1850s and 1860s and strove to resuscitate the principles of Greek architecture. The current pair of vases manufactured by the Garnkirk Fireclay Company and depicting a bridal procession on the frieze are early examples of how he managed to combine Greek principles and industrial design. A painted example was shown in London at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and is now on display in Glasgow’s Museum and Art Galleries.

Biography: Stamp, Gavin ‘Alexander ‘Greek’ Thompson’, 1999.


WIDTH: 16 INS (40.5 CMS)
HEIGHT: 46 ½ INS (118 CMS)

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