A 19thc bronze figure by Etienne Henry Dumaige

A 19thc bronze figure by Etienne Henry Dumaige


A bronze figure of ‘Camile Desmoulins, Palais Royale 1789’ by Etienne Henry Dumaige (1830-1888). Signed and inscribed on the plinth base. Circa 1882. Etienne Dumaige studied under Jean-Jacques Feuchere and exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1862-1877. As well as the statues and busts he showed at the Salon he also produced military, classical and oriental work. Camille Desmoulins 1760-1794) was a journalist and a French revolutionary. Despite his popularity with the French citizens, his support of the moderate revolutionaries during the Reign of Terror cost him his life and he was executed along with Danton in 1794. Dumaige portrays the moment when, spurred by news of the dismissal of the popular finance minister Jacques Necker by King Louis XVI, Desmoulins leapt onto a table outside the Cafe du Foy in the Palais Royal and delivered an impassioned call to arms to the waiting crowd.


WIDTH: 21 INS (54 CMS)
HEIGHT: 38 ½ INS (98 CMS)
DEPTH: 16 INS (41 CMS) 

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